Higher Ground Family Funerals.

Our new service.

We will undertake the removal of the deceased from the place of their death and bring them to our secure and modern premises. Once in our care we will prepare the body for burial without the use of toxic chemicals or any invasive procedures, if you want to wash and dress your relatives body we are happy to support you with this. Our family room is available for you to say your own private farewell during the last precious days before the burial. You may just want to hold their hand and talk to them or bring some favourite music to play.

We are able to supply a biodegradable coffin suitable for either natural burial or cremation; however, we have no objections to families sourcing their own or using just a shroud.

We are also able to help those who have chosen cremation; the same process takes place once a death has happened but the funeral arrangements are dealt with slightly differently. We will not undertake a full ceremony at a crematorium. Most families are actually very happy to find that they don’t have to meet at the crematorium. Instead we can hold the ceremony at Higher Ground Meadow and then carry the deceased to the crematorium the next day or later on the same day. Alternatively a service could take place at Higher Ground Meadow after the cremation has taken place, possibly followed by the interment of the ashes in our beautiful burial ground. 

Funerals are events that none of us want to attend.  However, it is possible to feel more relaxed when not conforming to what has become the norm. Remember, there are no right or wrong ways to hold a funeral, and you don’t have to attend if you feel overwhelmed by it. You may prefer just a small gathering at the graveside with no formal service or even direct burial.

There will be no pressure to conform to a set pattern, we offer a much more relaxed approach.

Please do feel free to talk to us, we will do our utmost to help and assist you most things are possible just ask us.